Say hello to Coke in PlantBottle® Packaging.
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The first 100% recyblable PET plastic bottle made partially from plants. Give it Back®.
Reduces our dependence on fossil fuel with a lighter footprint on the earth.
Made by converting parts of sugarcane plants into a key ingredient for making PET plastic.
We use mostly rain-fed sugarcane to make PlantBottle® packaging in order to meet happiness standards of Coca-Cola.
Happiness inside and out
Looks, feels and recycles the same as regular PET plastic bottles.
Look for the special PlantBottle® leaf symbol on the label.
Simple every day choices can create positive long-term change.
We are already working to make PlantBottle® packaging even better for the future by researching and developing technologies to make recyclable plastic from renewable resources like plant stems, fruit peels and bark.
To help reduce waste, please remember to Give it Back® by recycling your bottle after you have finished enjoying your refreshing Coke.
A positive step in our journey towards the Bottle of the Future and in making packaging more sustainable overall.