To be Ethiopian is to be kind

Ethiopians are some of the kindest people in Africa and in the World.

Ethiopia is home to diverse people and nationalities and its people are known for their high level of respect and tolerance. In today’s world, people who are too kind are considered unusual, but this is the kind of ‘unusualness’ that Coca-Cola considers necessary for positive change.

Through the ‘Celebrate Ethiopian Kindness’ campaign, Coca-Cola aims to celebrate this special aspect of the Ethiopian Culture and to recognize and appreciate Ethiopians who act in kindness and use their stories to inspire others across the country to join the movement of ‘kindness’ agents who spread happiness across the country.

The Ethiopian Kindness Project, not only highlights Ethiopian kindness heroes, it also provides Kindness tips that everyone can exercise in their daily lives. From small actions like texting someone an encouraging message, buying someone a soft drink or even bigger actions like supporting the underprivileged of society, everyone can be a contributor to the Ethiopian Kindness movement.

Some of these kindness agents are people like world laughter champion, Belachew Girma an Ethiopian who makes the world a better place to live by teaching laughter classes, or Yohannes Gebregorgis who shows Ethiopian kindness by teaching Ethiopian children how to read.

This year, Coca-Cola aims to turn that pride in the continent into a movement of positive action through campaigns such as Ethiopian Kindness.

The objectives of the ‘Celebrate Ethiopian Kindness’ Campaign:

• To Inspire, encourage and celebrate Random Acts of Kindness among Ethiopians in their daily lives, showing how kindness makes the world a happier place.

• To create a movement among Ethiopian youth while encouraging them to act with generosity and kindness towards others and the environment.