Be Crazy Kind, Get Crazy Happy

Did you know that doing something kind for someone other than yourself could make YOU happy? Did you also know that it could make you so happy that you go around being crazy-kind to everyone who crosses your path?

Here’s proof: a few years ago, a group of scientists at BCM Innovation Group carried out a research on people of different ages, races and genders from completely different walks of life.

They gave everyone in the group a small amount of money and asked them to spend it either on themselves or a stranger.Those that spent the money on strangers or donated it to a charity we’re much happier afterwards.

It is out of this groundbreaking research that “Africa Let’s Go Crazy Campaign” was born.A major objective of the Africa Let’s Go Crazy Campaign was to celebrate everyday people who perform acts of kindness for strangers out of the goodness of their hearts.

At Coca-Cola we didn’t have to look far to find out how kind Africans really are. We found people who used their talents to perform: Random Acts of Kindness. View Coca-Cola’s own Random Acts of Kindness submissions.

Everywhere we looked we saw kindness! We we’re so overwhelmed by the acts that we created a Wall of Kindness where we could celebrate these amazing Africans!

We hoped that by blowing the lid on African kindness, we could infect everyone with the kindness bug and make Africa the Continent with the happiest people on earth.

Through our Random Acts of Kindness Wall, we hoped to show Africa how simple it is to be kind and how much happiness it brings to the receiver as well as the giver.

The Africa Let’s Go Crazy Campaign has gone a long way in doing this. So far hundreds of thousands of people around the world and have been inspired and encouraged to be as crazy and as kind as those celebrated.

Coke Studio Africa

African culture and African society is built on sharing. Sharing ideas, sharing experiences and even sharing work. A powerful part of African Culture is story telling and one-way in which Africans tell their stories is through music.

This year, Coke Studio made its debut in Central, East and West Africa. Having been successful in India, Pakistan and the Middle East, the show premiered in: Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya to rave reviews. It gained popularity due to its unique concept and format. Unlike the numerous “star-search“ type shows that Africa has become accustomed to, CokeStudio took audiences on a musical journey to the heart of Africa.

Over 8 weeks, Coke Studio brought together 24 Artistes from 8 different countries on the Continent for magical musical collaborations with a difference. The musical collaborations, we’re more than just “duets”, they we’re a meeting of minds, experiences, styles and cultures.

The collaborations featured Artistes from different generations. Veteran Artistes like Prince Salif Keita from Mali; we’re paired up with young hip Artistes like Lady Jay Dee from Tanzania. Artistes from different genres like Bongo Flavor crooner Diamond from Tanzania and “street“ Rapper Tumi from South Africa, we’re brought together as well.

With the aid of a live band and background singers, the Artistes took Coke Studio fans on a musical adventure that culminated in a celebration of African talent, music and culture. Early on we took note of the fact that the new crop of African Artistes and the old crop of African Artistes we’re all telling one big African story through their Artistry.

The language, tempo, beat, accent and instruments we’re different but the stories we’re all about the African experience. How we celebrate, how hard we work, how we love and even how we mourn. Coke Studio simply provided a collaborative space in which African Artistes could come together and “share” their unique talents, styles and ideas with the rest of Africa.