Replay some of Coke’s Greatest Moments from the London Games!

    Now that the 2012 Olympic Games are over, Coca-Cola is proud to celebrate some gold medal moments from London. More than 100 countries Moved to the Beat of London, from the Olympic Torch Relay where 1,300 inspirational “Future Flames” carried the Olympic Torch across the United Kingdom, to Move to the Beat™, designed to bring teens closer to the Olympic Games and sport through music, thousands of people around the world joined Coke in celebrating the Olympics.

    Coca-Cola teamed up with Grammy Award winning producer Mark Ronson and artist Katy B on the Global Anthem, “Anywhere in the World.” Ronson spent four months travelling the world to capture the sounds of five athletes and recorded the sounds of their sports in unique and unconventional ways for use in the track.

    At The Games, the Coca-Cola Beatbox was created to entertain visitors to London during the Games. The iconic, circular structure was situated at the Olympic Park and acted as a musical instrument using interactive sounds from the “Anywhere in the World” anthem.

    Coca-Cola was committed to making London 2012 the most sustainable Olympic Games ever. At all London 2012 venues, Coca-Cola products were served in 100% recyclable packaging and every empty bottle recycled at the venues will be turned back into a new bottle.

    Looking ahead, Coca-Cola is excited about an ongoing relationship with The Olympic Games for years to come. Stay tuned for news about Coca-Cola’s partnership with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia!