Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines in more than 200 countries. It is produced by The Coca-Cola Company…



  • Saturday, 12 April 2013 at 2:00 PM - Chibwempala, Kaunda Square Grounds
  • Sunday, 13 April 2013 at 2:00 PM - Kamuchanga, Main Bus Stop, Mfulira
  • Friday, 19 April 2013 at 2:00 PM - Luangwa, Main Market, Kitwe
  • Saturday, 20 April 2013 at 2:00 PM - Chifubu, Main Market, Ndola
  • Saturday, 27 April 2013 at 2:00 PM - Kabwe Main, Kasanda Basic, Kabwe


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1. This Promotional Competition (“Competition”) is organised by the Coca-Cola Indian Ocean Islands and Zambian Breweries Plc (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Promoters”). 2. The Promotional Competition is open to residents and citizens of Zambia, except employees and immediate family members of any employees of the Promoters, their advertising agencies, advisers and dealers. Participants and winners who are minors must be assisted to the extent necessary by their parent or lawful guardian. 3. By entering the Competition, all participants and winners agree to be bound by these rules which will be interpreted by the Promoters, whose decision regarding any dispute will be final and binding. The Promoters reserve the right to amend, modify or change these rules at any time during the Competition. 4. The Competition shall commence on 18 March 2013 and end on 30 May 2013, both days inclusive. 5. To be eligible to win any of the prizes, participants must SMS ‘Coke’ and the underliner code from any 300ml RGB or 500ml PET pack of COKE, FANTA, (ORANGE, GRAPE, PINEAPPLE), SPRITE, COKE ZERO, COKE LIGHT, TWIST (GRANADILLA AND LEMON) (the “Participating Products”) produced in Zambia by Zambian Breweries Plc to 6767. 6. Prize winners will be drawn once a week, commencing on 25 March. 7. There are 12 main prizes to be won (the “Prize/s”). The Prizes are constituted as follows: 7.1. The main prize is a 5 day all expenses paid trip to Brazil to attend the FIFA CONFEDERATIONS CUP 2013 (“Main Prize”), which will include a ticket to watch a pool match, 4 (four) night’s accommodation including breakfast, tours and dinner, transfers to be advised by the Promoters. A winner of the main prize must be over the age of 18 years to qualify for the main prize. 7.2.There are 5,600 (five thousand six hundred) consolation prizes (“Consolation Prizes”) to be given away during the promotional period, worth KR372, 000 (three hundred seventy two thousand KR) of the following: 11 x HD TV’s, 22 x mobile phones, 11 x computer tablets, 24 x portable music players, 50 x headphones, 6 x Playstation3, 11 x mini pool tables, 20 x mini stereos, 1000 x vuvuzelas, 300 x soccer jerseys, 150 x jackets, 500 soccer balls, 1500 x t-shirts, 1500 x caps. 7.3 The Winners will be contacted by the Promoters telephonically to collect their Prize at the Promoter’s chosen premises on a specific day, or at the local activation. If a winner does not respond to the Promoters telephone call within 21 days or is not contactable for the same 21 days, the Prize will be forfeited and another winner will be drawn. 8. These Prizes are not redeemable for cash nor are they transferable. 9. The Promoters will assist winners to apply for travel permits subject to approval by the granting authority. The Promoters are not responsible for ensuring such permits are granted. Should any winner fail to obtain a travel permit, they shall forfeit their Prize. 10. The winners must travel on the dates stipulated by the Promoters. 11. Participants may enter the Competition as many times as they wish. 12. A promotion underline code can only be used once to enter the promotion. If entered multiple times, the second and subsequent entries will be invalid. 13. The Promoters decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into. 14. All participants and winners and/or their legal guardians as the case may be, indemnify the Promoters, their advertising agencies, advisers, nominated agents, suppliers and Bottlers of beverages identified by the trademarks owned by or licensed to The Coca-Cola Company, its affiliates and/or associated companies against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever arising out of and/or from their participation in any way howsoever in this Competition (including, as a result of any act or omission, whether as a result of negligence, misconduct or otherwise on the part of the Promoter and/or use of the Prizes). 15. The Promoters may require the winners to complete and submit an information disclosure agreement and indemnification to enable the Promoters to ensure compliance with these rules. Should any of the winners be found not to have complied with these rules, he/she shall be automatically disqualified. 16. The Promoters may require any of the winners (at no fee) to be identified, photographed and published in printed media, or to appear on radio and television, when accepting their Prizes and/or after they received their Prize. The winner and/or their partner will be given the opportunity to decline to the publication of their images and to participate in the Promoters marketing material in so far as it relates to the Competition. Should the winner agree to the use of their image, such winner/s may be required to sign a letter of consent. 17. The Promoters shall have the right to use any photographs or video footage of any winners in perpetuity. 18. All queries in connection with this Competition should be directed to Marketing Department, Zambian Breweries Plc, Mungwi Road, Lusaka, Zambia. .19. A copy of the Competition rules is available at no cost and is available from Marketing Department, Zambian Breweries Plc, Mungwi Road, Lusaka, Zambia. 20. The Promotional Competition shall be governed by the laws of Zambia.