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How We Are Helping Kiwis Consume Less Sugar: Our Progress


Detail of a hand holding a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar can

Actions, not words, are the true test of commitment.

• At Coca‑Cola in New Zealand[1], we believe this same principle applies to our efforts to help Kiwis consume less sugar. Since 2015, we have reduced the average sugar content across our portfolio of drinks by 15%[2], but we’re not done yet.

• We have an ambitious goal to reduce sugar by 20% (across our portfolio of drinks) by 2025 and we’re on track to achieve this.

• Over half our brands in New Zealand now offer a low or no sugar option[3], and we’re pleased that one in two Coca‑Cola beverages purchased from supermarkets, petrol stations, some convenience stores and licensed retail outlets contain no sugar.[4]

• Across our portfolio of drinks, the sales of low and no sugar drinks have jumped 23% in the past two years, with four out of ten of our drinks purchased now low or no sugar.

• We are a founding signatory to the New Zealand Beverage Council’s public commitment to only directly sell water into primary and intermediate schools, and to avoid directly selling sugar-sweetened soft drinks or any energy drinks to secondary schools.

• Coca‑Cola in New Zealand continues to support the voluntary front-of-pack Health Star Rating (HSR) system and we are transitioning from the energy icon to stars on our packs. One of our first packs to carry the HSR icon is Coca‑Cola Classic, which has a ½ star rating, and we continue to roll out more stars on packs across our portfolio. The HSR icon will be applied to all products over time.

As a leader in the beverage industry in New Zealand, we choose to do more – not just say more – when it comes to helping Kiwis consume less sugar from our beverages. We will continue to report on progress against our commitments in this and other areas.

Infographic displaying Coca-Cola actions for sugar reduction

[1] Coca‑Cola Oceania and Coca‑Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand

[2] Based on weighted average sugar content (g per 100 mL) – this calculation accounts for the relative volume sold of each product. Reduction measured from 01 Jan 2016 to 30 September 2022. Across Coca‑Cola Oceania and Coca‑Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand’s non-alcoholic ready-to-drink range.

[3] Low sugar = less than or equal to 2.5g/100mL.

[4] Based on Nielsen Total Measured Market per litre RMS Scan Oct 22.