COCA-COLA Peel & Win is a consumer promotion in Papua New Guinea that will give you the chance to win FORD RANGER STOMTRAK, K150 Shopping vouchers, and daily airtime credits and 1Gb Data from Digicel. You need to buy 500ml Coke bottle,  peel the label and look for the 6-digit code, send the code behind the label to 444 (Digicel subscriber). 

To taste the refreshing COCA-COLA while making your break moments more meaningful. You'll get the chance to win FORD RANGER STOMTRAK, K150 Shopping vouchers, and daily airtime credits and 1Gb Data from Digicel

The campaign run nationwide in PNG

You can find a Coca‑Cola 500ml PET bottle. Peel and look at the back of the label to confirm Promotion details. Labels with a 6-digit code is the specially marked promo label.

The period is from 1st April to 15th June 2024

The winners of Digicel credit (internet data or airtime credit) will get their reward instantly.  The winner announcement of the K150 shopping voucher will be posted on https://cokeurl.com/PeelnWinPNG2024 every TUESDAY on a weekly basis.  And the winner of FORD RANGER STORMTRAK will be announced at the end of the promotion period


Buy COCA-COLA in (500ml PET) with special promotion label, peel off the label

  • Find the unique code behind the label
  • Send the 6-digit code via SMS to 444
  • A reply SMS will notify you whether you win or not

The prize

  • Digicel credits or data – awarded instantly
  • For Smartphone – 1GB Data
  • For non-smartphone- PGK3 airtime credit
  • K150 Shopping vouchers
  • All codes will go into the weekly draw
  • Redemption time : Monday to Friday at 8.30 AM to 5 PM only 

Yes.  It is free. 

Coca‑Cola 500ml PET bottle. 

No, because one unique code is only specifically valid for one bottle 

No, because one unique code is only specifically valid for one bottle 

You can send as many unique codes as you want via SMS to 444 (Digicel subscribers). But you cannot repeat sending the same unique code because it will not be valid for repeat submission. One unique code can only be sent via SMS once. 

We do appreciate the effort or our consumers. Therefore, the transparency program is also important to us. Every consumer who wants to join Coke Peel and Win  should follow the terms and conditions.  Those who are not lucky in daily prizes,  will instantly enter the weekly draw for a chance to get a K150 shopping voucher or FORD RANGER STOMTRAK

Even if you do not have a smartphone, you still have a chance to win an instant prize for non-smartphone, which is PGK3 airtime credit

This promotion is only valid for Digicel prepaid subscribers. 

Visit https://cokeURL.com/PeelnWinPNG2024 for detail of terms and conditions of Coca‑Cola Peel n Win promo

We take privacy matter seriously. You can check about The Coca‑Cola Company privacy policy here https://cokeurl.com/PNG-privacy-policy

The prize solely belongs to the person who has the unique code and gets the SMS winning confirmation from COKE LUCKY BREAKS

We are glad that you are participating in this Coca‑Cola Lucky Breaks PNG promotion. You can check the winners announcement here https://cokeurl.com/PeelnWinPNG2024

Congratulation! We are so happy that you participate and win the prize in this promotion. For weekly prizes of K150 shopping, present the text message with the winning code for verification and redemption at your nearest CCEP Office. For the major prize of FORD RANGER STOMTRAK a CCEP representative will reach out to you for further verification.

Below are samples of messages consumers with winning codes will receive to confirm their prize:

Yes. Below are are other SMS response based on the following scenarios: