Read the labels

Reading packages, and understanding label information, is being able to exercise your right to choose what's best for you and your family's nutrition.

Food is essential for life and health and having accurate and quality information about each product is critical for choosing foods thoroughly.

When it comes to processed foods, such as the hundreds of goods we find on supermarket shelves, it is through the information available on each package label that we can identify products and better understand their characteristics.

Thus, we´ll help you understand all the information on the packages of the food and beverages you eat and drink.

What is the label for?

Food and beverage labels provide consumers with relevant data. By reading packaging, consumers may verify very important information, such as:

✔   Product expiration date

✔   Ingredients

✔   Brand

✔   Manufacturer

✔   Origin

In addition, labels include the amount of food or drink each package contains. Also, they offer indications for product use, preparation and storage.

Furthermore, labels specify the nutritional properties of foods, that is, how they are manufactured and how they may impact our diet. The set of nutritional information on the packaging is what we call Nutrition Labeling.

The clearer the nutritional information of a product, the easier it will be for consumers to decide if and how it fits their diets.