Yandin Wind Farm in Australia produces renewable electricity

Our Planet, People and Communities Matter

Our goal is to create a better shared future for all. We strive to make a difference in the lives of people, communities and our planet by doing business the right way.

We take a comprehensive approach towards sustainability focusing on social, environmental and economic management. We believe transformative and lasting change can only be achieved through this holistic approach.

We have implemented multiple recycling efforts across the region

We are committed with our global #WorldWithoutWaste initiative, aiming to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of our packaging by 2030.

We work for the preservation and efficient use of water through a strategy based on: access, conservation, reuse and reduction.

We strive to return 100% of the water we use in the manufacturing process of our products.



Every drop counts. Since water is a key ingredient of our beverages, we are committed to its preservation and efficient use. 


Our goal is clear: A #WorldWithoutWaste. We aim to combat the harmful effects of untreated solid waste by promoting recycling and reuse of residues.


Climate change poses a significant challenge. We want to mitigate its impact through strategies and technologies that reduce pollution from manufacturing, refrigeration and distribution operations.

Business & Sustainability Report

We make brands and products that people love while building a more sustainable future for our business and for the planet. We do all of this while staying true to our purpose: to refresh the world and make a difference.