Our love for the communities where we serve in is clear as water! This is why, we will bring clean water to over a million people in Latin America by 2030.

Water is not just a key ingredient in our beverages, but a vital resource for everyone. We work together with communities to provide integrated solutions to ensure a better shared future in terms of water conservation and access such as rehabilitation of aquifer sources, providing water to communities, among others.

With a responsible water management that helps to reestablish ecosystems

We work actively to return to nature 100% of the water we use in the manufacturing process of our products.

With alliances that promote efficient use of water

Our operations positively impact the communities where we work, in alliance with NGOs and local governments to provide solutions for water access and replenishment.

With manufacturing plants that positively impact their surroundings

We strive constantly to reduce water usage in our bottling plants.

In this way, our commitment to water preservation is clear and transparent.