When was the last time you snacked for fun’s sake? Has crunchy, bubbly, chocolatey, liquidy, soury, savoury colourful snacking grown… grey? Not on our watch.​

​Proud snackers, it’s time to snack harder than we’ve ever snacked before. With Fanta as our weapon, intensifying every snacking moment. We’ll make chips slap. We’ll make kotas king. We’ll make bitter, better.​

​When joyless snacking attacks, we’ll be there to fight back.

The days of one-man snacking are over. Call abo achuz for Snackathon Saturday and bring life back to your munchies. The time to lick snack dust off your fingers is here! 


Get cracking with your snacking by playing this snacktastic game. How many snacks can your bestie catch in their mouth?