Do soft drinks cause obesity?

Many of our beverages contain sugar, which has kilojoules. While sugar is fine in moderation, too much of it isn’t good for anyone. Having too many kilojoules, including from soft drinks with sugar, can contribute to weight gain.

Like all food and beverages, soft drinks with sugar can be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced lifestyle as long as people don’t consume them to excess.

People have been enjoying our beverages for 130 years because they love the taste. It’s important to us to make sure that consumers have a choice, to help them manage their sugar and kilojoule intake. That is why we offer a variety of great-tasting beverages with reduced, low or no sugar and calories. That’s also why many of our beverages come in small pack sizes.

We also provide information on how much sugar and how many kilojoules are in our beverages, so people can choose what makes sense for them and their families.

Learn more about what Coca‑Cola is doing to reduce sugar and help consumers make the right choice.