Costa Coffee’s new #CostaWaliDiwali campaign celebrates the essence of togetherness in collaboration with artist Christina Furtado 

The new campaign embodies the true spirit of Diwali, nudges loved ones to come together & bond over a cup of coffee

Date Published: 21-10-2022

NATIONAL: Adding to the Diwali merriment, Costa Coffee, Coca‑Cola’s leading player in the commercial beverage categories in India, has unveiled its festive campaign #CostaWaliDiwali.  The new campaign is as innovative as it is heartwarming, and is aimed at connecting with young coffee enthusiasts in the country. #CostaWaliDiwali seeks to encourage its audiences to come together to celebrate this festive season, by bonding over light-hearted moments with a cup of coffee.

Costa Coffee as part of the campaign will be collaborating with artist Christina Furtado, famously known as ‘_potatoface_’. Through this collaboration, artist Christina Furtado, the face behind the popular social media sensation PotatoFace, has been roped in to design a digital mini-series and Costa cups in line with the festive spirit. The series of digital videos depict the joy of celebrating Diwali with loved ones. With a splash of vibrant colours and relatable animated scenarios, Furtado will also be designing limited-edition festive coffee cups. The creatives represent Costa Coffee’s vision of delivering imaginatively crafted coffee experiences.

Commenting on the new campaign, Vinay Nair, General Manager, India & Emerging Markets, Costa Coffee, said, “At Costa Coffee, we aim to identify varying occasions in India, as the country is a melting pot when it comes to culture and traditions. For generations, coffee has been a reason for people to come together and mingle. We are deeply rooted in the Indian community and believe Diwali to be the perfect time to bond with loved ones and relive fond traditions. A uniquely creative collaboration with Christina Furtado is a testament to our vision of establishing a unique Costa Diwali tradition while engaging with our consumers while they reminisce nostalgic festive memories.”

Creative partner, Christina Furtado, said, “Growing up in India, I have always been mesmerised with Diwali and collaborating with Costa Coffee, my favourite coffee brand, is a dream come true. Not only that my Diwali design is featured on Costa Coffee cups pan India, but we are also inspiring our audience to reminisce precious memories of Diwali through the IG short reels mini-series. This project with Costa Coffee has been an emotional and nostalgic ride. I am glad we that are able to strike a chord with millions of people across the country. This campaign will forever be close to my heart.

Costa Coffee continues to handcraft the finest quality coffee for the Indian market. The brand has been expanding its cafe footprint in India, focusing on high-streets, malls & airports, and aims to further expand its reach to a pan-India presence by 2025.

Watch the series of digital films here:

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About Christina Furtado

Christina, aka @potatoface_ is a stellar animator, illustrator, and content creator. She is also a strong believer in spreading joy and nostalgia through her content.

After pursuing her bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Supply Chain management, Christina thought it was time to follow her passion. She worked in the corporate world for few years but always thought something was missing. During COVID when Christina was laid off of her job, she decided to seize the moment and  learn illustration and animation. She watched as many videos as she could on YouTube and taught herself.

Her content covers a wide genre, ranging from comedy videos to the ones that take us back in time and make us admire the beauty of simple things. She gathers all of her childhood memories and makes beautiful montages for people to watch.

With everything that’s been happening in the world, we often forget those beautiful nostalgic moments that once brought us immense joy. Her idea behind her content was to create a virtual time machine that would take the viewers back to those good old days. A sweet escape from all the chaos.