World Without Waste

Waves lapping against golden sand

Can we keep plastic bottles and cans out of our oceans and waterways? Can we enjoy the safety and convenience of modern packaging without destroying the only planet we have? We think we can.

Aim to make our packaging 100% recyclable

Our R&D team continues to evaluate new technologies to make our packaging entirely recyclable.

Collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one we sell by 2030

We are working towards improving local recycling systems where post-consumer cartons, cans, and bottles are efficiently recycled.

Project Prithvi making a difference to plastic circular economy

Through a wide range of initiatives we are repurposing used plastic, reducing litter and improving lives of wasteworkers.

Clean shores, clean seas

We are engaging citizen groups to champion the cause of clean shores and habitable marine environment.

We’re working with waste management experts and NGOs to sensitize people, residential welfare societies, teachers, and school students among others on importance of waste segregation and recycling.