Fanta Yummy Snacking

In Cambodia yummy snacking is not under attack, it's thriving and the joy of snacking is very much alive. If we don’t have to worry about protecting Yummy Snacking, we can focus on all the things we can do to elevate it - so snacking becomes the most enjoyable it can be. Fanta the protectors of snacking “Bringing back the joy to snacking moments” and “Taking joy to the next level by dialing up the play of snacking”  

Snacks are already colorful and snacking is utterly enjoyable, our enemy as instigators of play is not the grey or the mindless snacking... But the invisible boundaries that keep snacking within a box. 

While snacks and snackers keep getting more colorful and imaginative, the act of snacking has remained practically the same – you eat a snack hand to mouth, you diligently wash down a snack with a drink, you don't play with your snack because you were told to not play with food. But If playfulness is all about exploring and experimenting, why is snacking limited by these unspoken rules? Isn't it about time the world wakes up and sniff the cheezle?  

And what would happen if snackers unite to leave no chip unturned? 

The playful at heart are already pushing the boundaries of common sensical snacking... 

As the brand that keeps things playful, we can be the ones empowering snacking pioneers and trailblazing exciting new snacking ideas...