What is Coca‑Cola doing to reduce waste and packaging?

The world has a packaging waste problem, and our World Without Waste vision aims to help solve it. A litter-free world is possible, and we want to help lead the way. At Coca‑Cola, we believe every package has value and life beyond its initial use and should be collected and recycled into either a new package or another beneficial use.

It is unacceptable that packages end up in the wrong place, in our oceans and waterways or littering the communities where we work and live. We have a responsibility to help ensure our impact is a positive one, and our actions inspire others to help generate solutions that leave our world better for generations to come. We aim to fundamentally change how we Design, Collect and Partner with others to improve packaging sustainability.

1. Design: We’re working to build better bottles because packaging should not harm our world. The New Twist Eva 50cl Bottle demonstrates our commitment to rethinking our packaging. It has 18% less plastic and is designed to make segregation simply for consumers. Our goal is to make all our consumer packaging 100% recyclable globally. Simply put, if someone wants to recycle one of our packages, they should be able to.

2. Collect: The Coca‑Cola Nigeria and its bottling partner Nigeria Bottling Company are leading the industry to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for everyone we sell by 2030. We’re working to bring people together to help us collect and recycle a bottle we sell. Regardless of where it comes from, we want every package to have more than one life.

3. Partner: Waste collectors, industry leaders, government, NGOs, waste aggregators, developing partners and consumers are important partners in helping to achieve a World Without Waste. Over the past 10 years, we have deliberately formed partnerships and alliances with many partners.

Some of our initiatives includes:

1. $1.7million of cumulative investment by Coca‑Cola Nigeria and our bottling partner, Nigeria Bottling company in a local recycling company Alkem (2005-2011) to ensure plastics are collected and recycled into other uses.

2. So far Over 1 billion bottles have been recycled

3. 1,800+ direct and indirect jobs created

4. We have successfully led the Coalition of an Industry group known as the Food and Beverage Recycling alliance (FBRA), an industry partnership between Coca‑Cola, the Nigerian Bottling Company, Nestle Plc, 7up Bottling Company and Nigerian Breweries plc, to build a sustainable recycling economy for food and beverage packaging waste. FBRA is a full producer responsibility organization registered with NESREA to drive packaging waste recovery from the environment.

5. In July,2018, FBRA signed 3-year partnership with the Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Transportation and Environment, to rid the state’s waterways of plastic and packaging waste.

6. Through FBRA, we have engaged various stakeholders to create an ecosystem that drives collective sustainable action towards managing our post-consumer plastics. Our goal is to work together with other stakeholders to set up collection points in communities in line with our ambition of collecting and recycling 100% of our packaging by 2030.

7. Major collection partners include: RecyclePoints, West Africa Energy, Chanja datti and many other collectors to collect, process and deliver the required tons of plastic for recycling. You too can recycle for rewards. So far over 450 tons of plastics have been recovered and recycled under this partnership.

8. FBRA have launched community recycling programme, partnering with communities and industry – to clean up existing packaging, we’re bringing people together through programmes like beach and river clean-ups, community buy back schemes and other ongoing local activities. To encourage more people to recycle more often, we’re investing to help people understand what to recycle, how to recycle, and where to recycle.

It is a collective responsibility, we invite everyone to join us on this journey so that together we can create a litter free world. To sign up to deliver your plastic waste for rewards, kindly register on http://www.recyclepoints.com