Where is the secret formula of Coca‑Cola kept?

The Vault of the Secret Formula at the World of Coca‑Cola in the United States.

The secret formula of Coca‑Cola has been on an eventful journey over the years:

1886 – Dr. John S. Pemberton invents Coca‑Cola in Atlanta.

1892 – Asa Candler buys the rights to the Coca‑Cola business and the secret formula.

1919 – Ernest Woodruff and a group of investors buy the company from Candler, using the secret formula as collateral for a loan. Woodruff asks Candler's son to write the formula down and places the paper in a vault in the Guaranty Bank in New York.

1925 – Woodruff repays his loan and redeems the secret formula, bringing it back home to Atlanta and placing it in Trust Company Bank.

2011 – After 86 years, the secret formula is moved to the World of Coca‑Cola in Atlanta. Thousands of people visit the Vault of the Secret Formula every year.

Did you know? Only a few people in the world know the secret formula of Coca‑Cola.

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