Rumor: Coca‑Cola job offers / job posting websites


The Coca‑Cola Company has learned of emails in circulation and postings on Internet Websites that falsely offer jobs to individuals.

In some cases, the perpetrators have contacted the victims and falsely claimed to hire them in order to obtain additional personal and financial information and in some cases have asked them to cash fraudulent checks and send them money.

The Coca‑Cola Company is in no way associated with such listings. The jobs listed on the sites or in the emails are not real, we are not a sponsor, and our name and trademarks are used here without permission.

This appears to be a form of fraud known as "phishing," wherein perpetrators attempt to develop relationships with victims in order to obtain personal and financial information. Common signs that a message may be a part of an email scam or phishing campaign include:

Spelling and grammatical errors in the email;

Improper use of company trademarks;

Sender's use of free, non-corporate email accounts (such as Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail and Hotmail);

Requests for personal information and the promise of quick financial gain.

Overall, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Do not reply to these emails or letters with any information. If you have already provided any personal information to any contacts associated with this type of email, letter or website, we recommend that you immediately discontinue all communications with the source and contact your local and/or federal authorities for advice on how to proceed to protect your personal information and privacy.