SPRITE® releases new campaign “Piro Ko Jhatka SPRITE® Le Meta”


Kathmandu, 30th January 2023 – Nepal’s loved lemon-lime beverage, SPRITE® has introduced a brand-new campaign titled, “Piro ko Jhatka SPRITE® Le Meta” which translates to “Get relief from the kick of Spice with SPRITE®”. The new campaign aims to establish SPRITE® as a refreshing drink that calms the taste buds after eating something spicy and aids to continue enjoying the spicy meal.

The new campaign also comes with a new television commercial (TVC) featuring actors Jassita Gurung, Najir Husen and popular dancer Kabita Nepali. The set of the TVC is based in the vibrant city of Janakpur embracing its culture and local street food. Jassita, who plays a foreign returned girl is intrigued by the stimulants of the city and excited to try out the local food but with double the spice which she thinks she can handle. Once she pops the spicy food in her mouth, she immediately gets the kick of the spices (Piro Ko Jhatka) and starts panicking and panting. Najir grabs a chilled SPRITE® which he ordered with the spicy food and hands it over to Jassita who gulps it down and instantly gets refreshed as the spice is washed down with SPRITE®. Now she can have more of the spicy food and orders more with SPRITE®.

This is the first campaign that SPRITE® has attempted to build an association with food in Nepal while prior campaigns were targeted more towards inspiring youths to stay clear and clam during heated moments with the refreshing drink.

The “Piro ko Jhatka SPRITE® Le Meta” campaign will also be parallelly activated digitally in social media pages of SPRITE® Nepal where creative Gifs and videos with enticing spicy food moments with SPRITE® and special sound effects will be uploaded. Likewise, there is a surprise collaboration with various social media influencers that will be going live soon.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Adarsh Avasthi, Country Director of COCA-COLA® in Nepal shared, “We understand that or Nepali consumers specially the youths love their spicy food, be it spicy noodles or Chatpatey. With SPRITE®'s new campaign Piro ko Jhatka SPRITE® Le Meta, we aim to establish SPRITE® as a perfect beverage that teams well with spicy food; from the way its lemony taste refreshes our palette after a spicy bite, allowing us to continue eating and enjoying more spicy food. We are excited about the campaign and hope our consumers enjoy their spicy food adventures with SPRITE®”

Last year, SPRITE® had introduced SPRITE® in a more refreshing and lemon taste in Nepal which is available in various sizes and bottles for consumers to choose from according to their preference. This includes RGB bottles in (Returnable Glass Bottle) 175ml and 250ml and PET bottles in 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 1.5ltr, 2.25ltr.

TVC Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyaURukZdBI

About COCA-COLA® in Nepal

COCA-COLA® in Nepal refreshes consumers across the country through its core product offerings of COCA-COLA®, SPRITE®, FANTA®, CHARGED and KINLEY, and impacts thousands as a System. The Company works with WWF Nepal, WaterAid Nepal and Smartpaani on innovative integrated water management solutions for water conservation, water replenishment and to improve livelihoods of communities which has made COCA-COLA® a water positive company. As part of The COCA-COLA® Company’s commitment towards a ‘World Without Waste’, COCA-COLA® Nepal has been working with the Mountain Clean-Up Campaign led by the Nepali Army for the past 3 years where over 71,000 kgs of waste so far from the Himalayas. Through the Saksham program, COCA-COLA® Nepal is also empowering 1000 women retailers by providing trainings on financial literacy, hospitality, and sanitation management, and use of digital wallet. COCA-COLA® Nepal continually engages in locally relevant initiations to bring about a positive difference to the lives of communities across the country.