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We are globally working to create a World Without Waste, which means:


  • Continuing to design recyclable packaging.
  • Collecting and recycling the equivalent of 100% of our packages by 2030.
  • Reducing the amount of new plastic, we use – including all our bottles under one litre being made from recycled plastic across our range of beverages, such as Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Mt Franklin and Pump. Our caps and labels are not currently made from recycled content, but we are exploring technology options to help us address this. By using recycled plastic we avoid using around 10,000 tonnes of new plastic each year. This was the largest commitment to use recycled plastic in the Australian beverages industry.
  • We are strong supporters of container deposit schemes across Australia. Not only do they reduce litter, they also give our bottles and cans the best chance of another life. Our bottling partner Coca‑Cola Europacific Partners, formerly Coca‑Cola Amatil, has a 40-year history of operating the collection scheme in South Australia, and also helps operate the schemes in Queensland, NSW and the ACT.
  • Partnering with organizations that can help us scale solutions. ​ Since 2017, together with the Coca‑Cola Foundation, we have invested over $6 million in environmental partnerships focused on reducing the impact of plastic pollution, recycling, collecting marine litter and water replenishment. This includes our support for The Seabin Project to collect and track the impact of ocean pollution, and EcoBarge on the Great Barrier Reef, who collect and upcycle marine plastic and Earth Watch. Read more on our environmental partners here  
  • We are a founding member of the Australia New Zealand Pacific Plastics Pact (ANZPAC) which is the first time organisations throughout the region has come together to look at tackling the causes of plastic pollution.


Climate Change

Climate change is a critical global challenge and there is an urgent need to take action.​

  • Our bottling partner, CCEP (formerly Coca‑Cola Amatil), has pledged to be ‘net zero’ by 2040, and achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2025 in Australia​.



Water is also at the heart of our business, yet we know there is not enough freshwater to support our planet. 

  • This is why more than a decade ago, we set a pioneering goal to replenish – or ‘give back’ - the water we use in our drinks. Not only did we meet this goal but we met it five years early. In Australia we give back more than twice as much water as we use each year. 

We support water partnership across the world, providing communities with access to safe drinking water and protecting local ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef. In Australia, we’re proud to partner with WWF to support Project Catalyst  that works  to preserve the Great Barrier Reef through innovative cane sugar farming.