Transforming countless lives for the future of our generation


Building Dreams

The youth compromise over a third of the Philippine population. They are the future parents, teachers, and leaders on whom we anchor our hope for a better community and country.

We support the basic building blocks of a young person's development - education and health - and champion the drive to cultivate the spirit of citizenship, inspiring the youth to be active players in building their country.

Current Programs

Little Red Shoolhouse

Started in 1997 in partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and the Department of Education, the Little Red Schoolhouse program was created to give disadvantaged children access to complete elementary education.

Under this project, we have constructed schoolhouses; provided teacher training in public elementary schools in underserved areas; and built up the capability of parent-teacher-community associations (PTCAs) to support and maintain the schools.

Coke Barkada

TAYO is the Filipino word for “we”. TAYO is also the acronym for “Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations”, the nation’s premier search for outstanding youth organizations that have made a positive difference in their schools and communities, highlighting the value of collaboration and recognizing innovative and replicable projects.

Coca‑Cola Foundation has been co-presenter of the TAYO awards since 2006 in partnership with the TAYO Awards Foundation.

The Foundation also presents the Coke Barkada Award to the youth organization that shares our passion to improve the well-being of communities through projects that are aligned with the Coca‑Cola Company’s sustainability priorities.

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