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Recognizing the power of women that comes from their continuous reinvention of themselves and their roles as givers and providers, the Coca‑Cola Company has committed to promoting women’s strengths and creating economic opportunities for them through the 5by20 initiative.

Message from the President, Coca‑Cola Philippines

Vice-President for Franchise Operations for Coca‑Cola East (PH, VN, KN), Coca‑Cola ASEAN and South Pacific

Vice-President for Franchise Operations for Coca-Cola East (PH, VN, KN), Coca-Cola ASEAN and South Pacific smiling in front of a Coca-Cola sign


Coca‑Cola Philippines won both the National and Regional Awards for effectively implementing the Women Empowerment Programs in the workplace.

A woman truck driver at the side of a truck

Former Coca‑Cola Presidents and General Managers and the 5by20 Programs Built Through the Years

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5by20: A Program for Sustainability

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