FANTA Flip is a thrilling and delicious game that combines skill and snack-time fun! Perfect for two players, this game involves flipping a quarter-filled FANTA bottle to its upright position to earn the chance to snack while you competition struggles. Get ready to test your flipping skills and enjoy some tasty treats with FANTA Flip!

How to Play

FANTA bottle (empty to its half point)
A variety of snacks (chips, candies, or your favourite munchies)
A flat and stable surface to play on
Enthusiastic players ready for a tasty challenge

Place the FANTA bottle in the centre of the table, ensuring it's empty to its half point. Position a tempting array of snacks within reach of both players.

Each player takes turns attempting to flip the FANTA bottle upright. The first player to successfully achieve an upright position earns the right to indulge in a snack.

Flipping Turns: Players take turns attempting to flip the FANTA bottle. Each player gets one flip per turn.

Snacking Reward: The player who successfully flips the FANTA bottle upright gets to choose a snack from the table and enjoy it. The opponent must wait until their turn to attempt a flip.

Challenges and Penalties: To make the game more interesting, you can introduce challenges or penalties for certain situations. For example, if a player accidentally knocks over the bottle while attempting a flip, they may have to skip their next turn or forfeit a snack to their opponent.

Game Rounds: Decide on the number of rounds you want to play or set a time limit for the game. The player with the most successful flips at the end of the rounds or time limit is declared the FANTA Flip champion.

Snack Variety: Keep the game engaging by including a diverse selection of snacks. Players can strategize and choose different snacks based on personal preferences or try to disrupt their opponent's rhythm by selecting enticing treats.

Enjoy Responsibly: While the goal is to have fun, it's important to enjoy snacks in moderation. Encourage players to savour their treats without overindulging.

FANTA Flip is all about precision, skill, and savouring the joy of snacks. So, gather a friend, set up your FANTA Flip table, and let the flipping and snacking festivities begin!