You’re going to need your whole squad and a whole lot of FANTA for this. Fill up 7 cups and find out which team can drink all 7 in the shortest amount of time. Let the games begin!

How to Play

A rectangular table, a whole lot of FANTA, lots of Snacks, ping pong balls, and 20-22 plastic cups

Arrange the cups in a triangular formation at each end of the table. You can use 10 cups for each side (2 rows of 4 cups, followed by a single cup), or adjust the number of cups based on the number of players and desired game duration. Fill some of the cups with FANTA and others with snacks of your choosing to a reasonable level. Make sure not to overfill the cups to avoid excessive spillage.

Team Setup: FANTA Pong can be played in teams of two, with each team taking one side of the table. Remember to rep your team, you either team FANTA Orange, Grape, or Pineapple.

Maintain Hygiene: Ensure clean cups and balls to avoid contamination. Rinse and wipe balls between games.

House Rules: Feel free to establish your own house rules, such as 'trick shots' or 'distractions' to make the game more interesting.

Enjoy Responsibly: Even though FANTA Pong is a friendly game, it's essential to drink responsibly and be mindful of your own and your friends' well-being.

Designate a Referee: Having a neutral referee can help resolve disputes and keep the game fair.

FANTA Pong is a wonderful way to enjoy the spirit of play. So, gather your friends, set up your FANTA Pong table, and have a blast!