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Recent research commissioned by the Australian Beverages Council looked at long-term trends in the sales of beverages and how purchases varied across Australian households. It may come as little surprise that the households buying the most carbonated soft drinks were those with teenagers, especially teenage boys, while households with teenage girls purchased more bottled water and low-kilojoule soft drinks.

Australians have embraced choice and less kilojoules when it comes to beverages. Over the last 15 years, sales of sugar-sweetened soft drinks have been trending down while sales of low-kilojoule drinks have been heading in the other direction. In 1997, 64% of beverage sales were from sugar-sweetened carbonated soft drinks but by 2011 this figure had fallen to 45%. The beverage industry is responding by continuing to innovate, providing more beverage options for Aussie consumers.

The study also showed that as people change over time so do their drinking habits. Households with young children tend to buy fewer soft drinks but this increases when kids reach their teenage years. After the kids go, households tend to shift to more low-kilojoule drinks and mixers.  

People change over time and so do their drinking habits.

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