Coca‑Cola Australia’s Responsible Marketing Policy

September 2023

Coca‑Cola Australia is committed to the responsible marketing of our products. Our Responsible Marketing Policy clearly states that we will respect the role of parents and caregivers by not marketing to anyone under the age of 15. 

In addition, at least 75% of the predicted audience must be 15+ years of age, where this information is possible to obtain. Specifically, this means we will not market in any media which directly targets children under 15, including but not limited to television, print media, digital and social media, movies and SMS/email marketing.

We will not design our marketing communications in a way that directly appeals to children under 15. Specifically, we will not use, in any communications created after the date of adoption of this policy:

- Celebrities, social influencers or characters whose primary appeal is to children under 15, with the exception of brand equity characters already in use.

- Movie tie-ins related to movies that primarily appeal to children under 15.

- Games, video games or contests designed to appeal primarily to children under 15.

- Licensed merchandise whose primary appeal is to children under 15.

- Images of our products being consumed by children under 15 without an adult present. We will not feature any children who are, or appear to be, under five.

- Branded sponsorships of sporting and entertainment events which primarily target children under 15.

Coca‑Cola Australia is also a signatory to the industry-wide Responsible Marketing Pledge, led by the Australian Beverages Council (ABCL), the Advertising Association of Australia’s (AANA) Food and Beverages Adverting Code and the Outdoor Media Association’s National Health and Wellbeing Policy.

Coca‑Cola Australia also adheres to The Coca‑Cola Company’s Global Schools Beverages Guidelines.