Be your spooky self this Halloween with Fanta


Halloween is here - bigger and scarier than ever before! 

To celebrate, we are brewing a spine-chilling creation in our marketing cauldron. The key ingredient? The Tik-Tok #CauldronChallenge to inspire your most creative and bold Halloween costume ever! Led by the most hair-raising of influencers, Australians can boldly show the world their spookiest self. 

Inspiring bold creativity

Year on year the Halloween fun grows, and we couldn’t be more excited. We want everyone to experience the fright factor this Halloween, which is why we’ve launched our biggest ever Halloween campaign. 

But be warned! Fanta spookiness will be everywhere! 

The fun will be rolled out via a 15 second television commercial ‘Bold choice. Bold taste.’ and you’ll also find inspiration for frightening recipes, decorations and treats at supermarkets around the country. But hold onto your broomsticks, online is where it gets really spooky.  

Need inspiration for your costume this year? Check out the Tik-Tok ‘#Cauldron Challenge’ and the creative costume ideas our influencers have been brewing up. Boldly unleash your creativity and join in the challenge. Show us just how spooky you can be! 

For Oscar Gonzalez, Senior Brand Manager Fanta & Frozen, the campaign is all about creating the very best experience for everyone.  

“Halloween is an experience that brings the community together, so we wanted to create a campaign that encourages community participation. The Tik-Tok challenge is a fun and relevant way we’re doing this,” Oscar explains.

“Fanta has never been afraid to try new methods of engagement. And what it’s really about is giving our consumers the tools to own Halloween in their own way. We want Fanta to become the facilitator of fun and bold individuality this Halloween,” Oscar adds. 

Just in time for Halloween, Fanta has released a new bottle. Its asymmetric design embodies Fanta’s bold attitude and individuality, while being quirky and fun. 

“This Halloween is extra special for Fanta as it’s the first time Australians will see the new twist bottle! Its design is something completely new for Australia, and it shows that we are making bold choices too,’ Oscar says.

Australia is getting spookier  

Did you know Google ranks countries by spookiness? Well not quite, but Google does track Halloween activity and guess what? Halloween is growing at a frightening rate in Australia!

We are now the 11th most ‘Halloween-active’ country in the world, Australia has surpassed eight positions since 2008.

To Oscar, Halloween’s growing popularity is a reflection of Australia’s world-famous lifestyle. 

“Australia’s relaxed and social lifestyle is the envy of the world. Halloween is another great occasion for us to kick back and enjoy some festivities with our friends and family. Also, the traditions of trick or treat and parties really bring the community together. So there’s strong alignment between what Australian’s enjoy and what Halloween is all about,” says Oscar.

The perfect match 

It turns out spookiness is contagious! Around the world, Fanta has launched creative campaigns to celebrate individuality and bold choices. For Oscar, these campaigns have seen global success because Fanta and Halloween are such a natural fit. 

“Fanta has always been a fun drink, whether it be hanging out with friends or at a party, these are moments to treat yourself with Fanta,” says Oscar.

“But a big part of Fanta is also individuality. People making a ‘bold choice’ and proudly standing out. Halloween combines these two core elements of Fanta perfectly - Halloween is fun and you get to express your individuality through costumes and decorations. There really couldn’t be a better match,” adds Oscar.

With Halloween showing no signs of slowing down in Australia, Oscar is already looking ahead to explore new and creative ways of making Halloween bigger and better than ever before. 

“Over many years, Coca‑Cola Classic has built a great connection with Christmas, and Fanta aims to achieve a similar connection with Halloween. For me this is great, because Halloween really is one of the most fun and creative campaigns. You can definitely expect new and exciting things to come!”

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