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Coke Marketing from Mood Board to Billboard


They say creativity can't be caught - but what if it could be bottled? Behind every major advertising campaign lies a huge amount of planning: mood-boards, sketches, notes scribbled in the middle of the night - as well as couple of inspired ideas. It’s the recipe that makes up Coca‑Cola’s award-winning marketing. 

This summer, for instance, we’ve seen new creative for the new slimline Coca‑Cola range; Powerade Zero, and a fun South American-inspired series for Barista Bros, the company’s first flavoured milk. With its talented team in-house, working with the country’s most imaginative agencies, Coca‑Cola’s advertising strategies are among the best in the business.

We go behind the scenes in the Coca‑Cola marketing department to see some of the planning behind their recent campaigns - and hear from the talent who work there.

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