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Coca‑Cola Australia and Hungry Jack’s strengthen relationship


When Jack Cowin opened the first Hungry Jacks store in Perth in 1971, Aussies were ready to embrace the burger. They were also ready for the perfect combination - a Hungry Jack’s burger with a Coca‑Cola beverage.

There was no question back in 1971 for Jack to serve Coke at his restaurants, and as announced recently, Hungry Jacks intends to keep that relationship. The two companies have extended their successful partnership until 2030.

Coca‑Cola South Pacific’s president, Vamsi Mohan, commercial operations director Carlos Diaz-Rigby and Coca‑Cola Amatil managing director Peter West joined Hungry Jack’s Chairman Jack Cowin at ‘The Home of the Whopper’ to make the announcement.

We’ve been working with Hungry Jack’s for more than 47 years,” Carlos said. 

“We’re proud to be offering innovative new products like Coca‑Cola No Sugar. We’ll keep working with the team on delivering Hungry Jack’s customers an experience they love,” he said.

Hungry Jack’s Australia is Australian owned and affiliated with the Burger King Global Chain. Australia is one of the largest markets for the chain outside of the USA. The Australian beverage agreement with Coca‑Cola is the longest contracted term for beverage exclusivity for the chain globally.

Hungry Jack’s Chairman Jack Cowin said consumers love the combination of two iconic brands, and noted more than 70% of transactions at Hungry Jack’s nationally include a Coca‑Cola beverage.

“When your burgers are better, you want to have great beverages on the menu too,” Jack said.

“Today we’re 427 stores strong, present in every state in Australia, and we’re excited to continue our exclusive partnership selling Coca‑Cola beverages in every one of those stores,” he said.

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