Everything you need to know about Container Deposit Schemes


A container deposit scheme is a bottle return scheme that gives a 10 cent refund for every eligible bottle or can. Most states in Australia now have schemes, and bottles can be returned at locations across the country.

Here’s everything you need to know about container deposit schemes: why they’re important, and how to use them. 

Why container deposit schemes are great news for recycling

Recycling via container deposit schemes give plastic bottles the best chance at another life, keeping plastic out of landfill and waterways.

It’s a clean waste stream for glass, aluminium and plastic, which means there’s less chance your drink is going to be contaminated by other things that shouldn't be in the regular recycling bin.

Recycling plastic bottles, and using bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, reduces new plastic in Australia. This means using less fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint for you.

All Coca‑Cola bottles and cans can be recycled. Coca‑Cola has a global ambition to help collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle and can we sell by 2030. In Australia a key part of reaching this goal is supporting cost-effective, well-run container deposit schemes across the country.

Our bottling partner CCEP has invested in a PET recycling facility here in Australia, supporting our vision to help our bottles become a bottle again. A second facility will be operational in Altona Victoria in 2023, further expanding our capacity to recycle 2billion PET bottles per year through both sites.

Envirobank operates CDS collection points in NT, NSW and QLD. 

What do I get for recycling my drink containers via CDS?

There are three great ways to benefit from container deposit schemes:

  1. Participate in helping turn the tide on plastic waste by ensuring that your drink containers don’t end up in landfill, and have a chance at another life.
  2. Receive 10 cents for every eligible container via special collection points across Australia (see below, for locations).
  3. Donate your 10 cents directly to charity via collection machines (check your state CDS for more details). Check out one of the recipients, below!

Where is my closest CDS collection depot?

RecyclingNearYou is a great Australia-wide resource for understanding what kinds of recycling are offered by your local council.

Locate your state below to learn where you can return your bottles, cans and containers at a collection depot or reverse vending machine near you.

Want more detail? Read on!

  • ACT container deposit scheme was established in 2018, and has 19 return points available across the ACT including cash-back depots in FyshwickMitchellPhillip and Belconnen.
  • NSW container deposit scheme was established in 2017 and has collected billions of containers through its 600+ return points. Find your nearest Return and Earn point. 
  • NT container deposit scheme was established in 2012 and is still growing; an additional 3.47 million containers were redeemed at depots last year. NTEPA helps you find a depot.
  • QLD container deposit scheme was established in 2018 and has since collected more than 6.2 billion containers. Containers for Change return points listed here.
  • SA container deposit scheme was established in 1977; last more than 39,387 tonnes were recovered by collection depots for recycling. EPA collection points are here.
  • WA container deposit scheme was established in 2020 and has since injected more than $167 million into the economy via refunds. Find your nearest return point.
  • TAS + VIC container deposit schemes are expected to launch in 2023 – watch this space.

Want to know more about how Coca‑Cola Australia is working toward a world without waste? Find out here.