This summer is going to be epic


Summer. For most of us it’s the longest holiday of the year. So how will you make the most of it? Maybe a spontaneous road trip, catching up some on some outdoors time, getting your groove on?

Whatever you do, make it epic. According to Coca‑Cola Brand Manager Dan Glover there are a few simple guidelines to shaking off the stress and making some amazing memories.

Here’s Dan’s top three things to look forward to this summer.


If you want to know how young Aussies spend their precious holiday time it’s best to go and ask some. So, Dan and his team went and did just that.

“We chatted to a whole range of people about what they wanted this summer and the same themes kept coming up,” Dan said.

“It was about friendship and being together, small exclusive events with their group, even the need for a little bit of ‘brag-worthiness’. At Coca‑Cola, we’ve always been about togetherness and inclusiveness. So, it was the perfect fit for us and we designed events around those themes.”

2. Prizes!

Coca‑Cola’s epic summer events can be unlocked with a graphic label.

Part of the label becomes a wristband giving winners exclusive access to events like travelling with five friends to a Sydney music festival, flying to the Gold Coast for a weekend of theme park thrills, adventure getaways, or attending private moonlight movie screenings or exclusive concerts.

Bragging rights? Naturally. But even better, it’s all for sharing with your friends.

“It’s really about friends being together,” said Dan.

“Which I personally really love. Friendships are so important. As we get busier and busier in our lives it’s important for everyone to get out there and get amongst it,” he said.

3. No stress.

When asked what makes a perfectly epic summer moment, Dan said he likes to keep it pretty simple.

“To be honest, for me the perfect summer day has to have three things. My friends, the outdoors and our dogs in tow,” Dan said.

“My dog Coco is a Jack Russell and she has so much personality, the typical little dog with a big dog attitude. We head down to the park or beach, pack a picnic, some drinks and the furry crew and kick around a ball. Everyone can let go of anything they’re worried about for a while. That’s exactly what we had in mind for this campaign,” he said.

Ultimately, Dan believes that the true worth in the prizes will be to help build some amazing memories for the winners. And that’s pretty epic.

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