Fanta and Sprite join the No Sugar Movement


Looking for your favourite drink but want to keep an eye on how much sugar you’re having? Fanta and Sprite have you covered with their very own No Sugar options.

The two new products follow in the footsteps of Coke No Sugar and are part of Coca‑Cola’s commitment to reduce sugar across its entire portfolio by 20% by 2025.

“We always strive to deliver what our consumers are looking for and we know they are becoming increasingly conscious of how much sugar they’re having in their diets,” said George Wheen, Coca‑Cola South Pacific brand director, for flavours, frozen and adult brands. 

We know consumers love the taste of Sprite Zero. According to George all that was needed was simply rebranding the great tasting Sprite Zero product to No Sugar.  

“It’s actually the third best selling flavour after Coca‑Cola No Sugar and Diet Coke,” George said. 

“But there was some confusion with the Zero range about how much sugar these drinks contained. So we moved from Zero to No Sugar to be absolutely clear with consumers that these products do not contain any sugar,” George explained.

The path to creating Fanta No Sugar

Fanta No Sugar is, on the other hand, a new product. Just like with Coke No Sugar, the technical team has worked hard to ensure it has a great taste just like the original.     

“It used to be that low or no sugar flavours were very different from the classic versions. What we're now producing is a flavour much closer to classic Fanta,” George said. 

In January 2018, the Coca‑Cola team searched for the most popular Fanta No Sugar product from the options around the world and found the US version was the most successful and best tasting. 

"We tested the US version of no sugar Fanta against our Fanta Zero product with consumers to see which they preferred. Then we changed the name from Fanta Zero to Fanta No Sugar to be very clear with consumers,” George said.

When it comes to what’s next for both brands, George said it’s full steam ahead on building on more No Sugar and reducing sugar in the ‘original’ versions. Watch this space for new news on the sugar reduction journey.

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