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Coca‑Cola + Riedel Lead the Way with Design Collaboration


What is the perfect serve of COCA-COLA? 

For Sydney mixologist Mitch Firth, it comes at the end of a busy night behind the bar.

He pours an ice-cold can into a glass filled with ice cubes, and walks away for 30 seconds. When he returns to the glass, he “slams it down”. It’s what he needs to face the big clean up ahead.

Rituals like this one are integral parts of what constitutes the perfect serve of COCA-COLA, said Antoinette Tyrrell, Marketing Manager COCA-COLA South Pacific.

“The perfect serve is unique to the individual and may differ greatly from person to person. The whole experience of enjoying a refreshing Coke is about your own ritual and tastes,” she said.

For the perfect serve of Coke you also need the right drinking vessel. Mitch had a chance to take his time and add some extra flavour to his glass of COCA-COLA at the debut of a collaboration with renowned makers of glassware, RIEDEL.

Designed to enhance the whole sensory experience of drinking COCA-COLA, from aroma to taste to carbonation, RIEDEL’s new glass mimics the iconic curves of a Coke bottle.

It was developed using the same rigorous design process applied to all RIEDEL glassware, called a sensory workshop. A panel of experts smelled and tasted COCA-COLA from a number of differently shaped prototypes, before unanimously deciding that the contoured COCA-COLA + RIEDEL glass provided the best drinking experience. 

In the quest for the perfect serve of Coke, another important factor is temperature. Those in the know say 3 degrees is best, poured over large cubes of ice.

The final factor to consider is environment. Whether it’s among friends or at work, the environment needs to be just right for you.

Here are three new ways to enjoy Coke from expert mixologist Mitch Firth:

Coca Libre (Virgin Cuba Libre)

30mls lime juice
10mls sugar syrup


  • Fill a rocks glass to the top with ice
  • Add lime juice and sugar syrup to a boston shaker, and shake with ice
  • Fill the rocks glass half way with COCA-COLA
  • Double strain the sweet & sour mix over the ice, layering on top of the COCA-COLA
  • Garnish with a lime wedge

Popping Spider

120mls COCA-COLA
1 Scoop of Vanilla ice cream
1 pack of popping candy


  • Rim a coupe glass with popping candy
  • Fill glass with COCA-COLA
  • Add scoop of ice cream and serve with a silver spoon

COCA-COLA foam Sundae

120ml COCA-COLA foam
2 COCA-COLA soaked cherries


  • Soak cherries in COCA-COLA overnight
  • Place COCA-COLA in whipped cream charger
  • In a decorative glass bottle, add the COCA-COLA foam
  • Garnish with two soaked cherries

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