Lights Out for Earth Hour


This Saturday millions of Australians will turn off their lights to make a stand on climate change for Earth Hour.

The little Aussie idea started in Sydney by a group of friends 10 years ago has now gone global. People in 172 countries and over 7,000 cities now take part.

This year the focus is on celebrating 10 years of Earth Hour and 10 years of progress on changing climate change, using #JoinTheFuture.

In our own backyard

Coca‑Cola South Pacific is supporting Earth Hour in 2017 by switching off the Kings Cross billboard and the signature sign atop the North Sydney headquarters.

Public Affairs and Communication Director for Coca‑Cola South Pacific, Christine Black, said the company’s commitment to Earth Hour was just one small part of the work we are doing to care for the environment.

“Coca‑Cola globally continues to take significant steps in terms of our effect on the environment we all share.

“We’re using less energy, we’re replacing the water we use back into the environment, and we’re constantly looking at new ways to introduce sustainable practices across our company not just here in Australia but across the region,” she said.

Late last year the iconic Coca‑Cola Sign in Kings Cross was updated to an energy efficient LED model resulting in 21% estimated reduction in electricity and saving 3.3 tonnes CO2 Emissions Each Year.

This reduction would equal an average Australian home’s emission for six months, 12,699 km driven by an average passenger vehicle or one tonne of waste sent to landfill.

“The Kings Cross sign is a very visible example of the work we’ve been doing to reduce our energy use. It makes sense to us as a business and as a part of the community to reduce our energy requirements,” she said.

One of the most significant long-term threats to the Great Barrier Reef and indeed all coral reefs around the world is climate change.

Scientists say the impacts of climate change can already be seen and felt. As sea levels rise and extreme weather conditions persist, the Great Barrier Reef has become increasingly vulnerable to coral bleaching and decay. 

Whether you’re a family, school, individual or business, get involved this Earth Hour on Saturday the 25th of March. Here are five simple ways you can participate:

1.    Lights out

Switch off your lights during Earth Hour and empower others to do the same by uploading an image to the Earth Hour wall of fame.

2.    Hold an event

Hold an event in a place that you love! From gardens to beaches, Australia boasts countless locations worthy of celebration. Be sure to register your event to receive a free copy of the Earth Hour documentary.

3.    Attend an event

If you can’t hold an event do the next best thing – go to one! Find one close by on the list of registered events mentioned above.

4.    Educate yourself

Who better to talk about climate change than 10-year-olds who were born in the year it all began? Watch their charming version of a morning news show: The Tomorrow Show! Tomorrow’s news, today.

5.    Educate others

Share your knowledge with your peers on social media! Join the conversationusing #JoinTheFuture and #EarthHour.

It really is that simple. Join millions of people around the world this Saturday to help shape the future.

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