Little Drop, Big Flavour


Water may be essential to all life on Earth, but its taste is hardly exciting. With the release of its new Drop range of flavour concentrates, Coca‑Cola has found a way to make water more appealing.

Powerade Sport Drops and Pump Drops are two new product ranges that reinvigorate water by adding a little sugar-free flavour. Powerade Sport Drops help to revitalise your water while on-the-go while Pump Drops is one of the first water enhancers to launch in Australia under an existing water brand.  “Water can get a bit boring,” said the brand manager for hydration at Coca‑Cola South Pacific, Gloria Young. “So if you want to keep hydrated you can add Powerade Sport Drops or Pump Drops for a bit of flavour with zero sugar.”

Drop it in your bag

Powerade Sport Drops and Pump Drops are a small bottle of flavour concentrate that you can add to a bottle of water, or simply to a glass of water from the tap. One bottle of Pump Drops can make approximately 32 250mL serves, with Powerade Sport Drops making approximately 22 250mL serves, and both are compact enough to fit easily into your bag. “Powerade and Pump Drops come in a little bottle that’s perfect to just throw in your bag, leave on your desk at work, or have them around the house,” said Gloria. “If you have a bottle of water and you want to have a bit more excitement, you have the ability to do that any time and with zero sugar.”

Pump up the flavour

Pump Drops delivers added value to the bottled water category by driving flavour innovation. Pump Drops is targeted at 18-34 year olds who are conscious about their health, as well as those seeking more variety from their water consumption.

Power Your Water

Powerade Sport Drops contains key electrolytes, which means you can add both flavour and electrolytes to your plain water. Powerade Sport Drops is aimed at anyone who wants to customise their water and stay hydrated while exercising or on the go. 

People on the go will benefit from the convenience of the concentrated product. “Australians are generally outdoorsy and quite active,” Gloria said. “Anyone can drink water. But there wasn’t an existing sports water enhancer offering in Australia. We looked overseas to see what we had in the network of Coca‑Cola that we could bring into the country. So for Powerade Sport Drops to be the first in the category is a big win for us.”

The Powerade products will be available in the brand’s most popular flavours: Mountain Blast and Berry Ice. The new Pump Drops range will feature Strawberry Kiwi; Mixed Berry; and Pineapple Coconut flavours. While they’re currently on sale at Coles and Caltex outlets nationwide, Drop products are set for wider release in early 2016. “It’s really exciting because it’s a first for Coca‑Cola South Pacific,” said Gloria. 

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