Move with a New Energy with Coca‑Cola Energy


If you were walking through Sydney’s Circular Quay in June, maybe you noticed hundreds of people outside randomly dancing the night away. It was started by one brave dancer and for one delicious reason: to bring people together through music, dance and the launch of Coca‑Cola Energy. 

Coca‑Cola Energy is the newest addition to the Coca‑Cola family and is all about giving people the energy kick they need to keep doing the things they love the most. That’s why we joined forces with ‘Free Dance Party’ founder Christie Aucamp-Schutte to throw a street party and announce our new drink.

“It was really exciting to see a normal street transformed into an amazing dance party. It didn't matter who you were it was just about dancing together and having fun with the people around you,” said Josh Gonski, marketing manager at Coca‑Cola South Pacific. 

“It matches what Coca‑Cola Energy is all about: bringing people together through positivity, energy, dance and music. Coca‑Cola has been uplifting and energising people since 1886 and this product brings these attributes to life more than ever before,” Josh said. 

The only energy drink with a great Coca‑Cola taste.

Coca‑Cola began crafting the recipe for Coca‑Cola Energy in Atlanta at Coca‑Cola headquarters, before launching the new drink in Europe in April, 2019 and in Australia in June 2019.      

“Popularity of energy drinks is growing fast in Australia,” said Josh. “Australians are really looking for an extra energy kick to keep up with their busy lifestyles as they hustle between their work, passions and socialising, so it’s the perfect time to launch Coca‑Cola Energy.” 

Josh said Coca‑Cola Energy is more than just a great tasting drink. 

“I think more and more people are looking for drinks that offer more than just a great taste, and Coca‑Cola Energy definitely fits into that. There is also a no sugar option, really proving we’re all about bringing new products to the market that are for different occasions, people and moments,” he said. 

Developing the product’s identity

The new drink is all about being energetic and getting consumers to ‘move with a new energy’, Josh said the look of the new product was an international effort and music was a big inspiration.

“Australians are passionate about music and it is such a positive way to bring people together, so we want it to be at the heart of Coca‑Cola Energy. The distinctive waves on the cans are a subtle link to soundwaves and movement and they will continue to be a part of how we bring this product to life,” said Josh. 

“You’ll see the waves pulsating across our posters, our Kings Cross billboard, point of sale and our TV ad. Even with our street party, the waves were projected onto the floor. We also have a great, energetic music track that will ensure consumers can’t help but get moving and dancing.” 

“I think once consumers try it they'll really love it. It's a unique, refreshing and great tasting energy drink that will really suit their busy lifestyles and a really exciting way of expanding the much loved Coca‑Cola brand,” Josh said.

Coca‑Cola Energy is available nationally from 26 June 2019, so be sure to grab a can and get moving.

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