Mission 5by20

How MyRoad mentoring is shaping the future for students


For any teenager the idea of leaving school and starting out in the adult workforce can be daunting. For many the challenge is simply making it to the finish line.

For young Australian women there is even greater uncertainty with 50% believing they’ll struggle to develop meaningful careers solely due to their gender.

As part of Coca‑Cola’s global 5by20 initiative, MyRoad was developed by Coca‑Cola Australia in partnership with the Beacon Foundation.

MyRoad is an online mentoring program that connects young women with industry professionals to help them identify and achieve their professional goals. To date more than 3,600 young women have joined the MyRoad program across 250 individual sessions.

MyRoad mentor and Coca‑Cola Australia Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, Christine Black, knows a mentor can make all the difference.

“Sometimes women themselves don’t think that they have a voice or they have a chance to fulfil their dreams,” she said.

The Beacon Foundation has been working with schools right across the country on this Coca‑Cola program since 2006 to support young people into meaningful employment.

MyRoad mentor and Business Chicks founder Emma Isaacs knows firsthand the power of a great mentor.

“When I was growing up, we had no access to any type of mentoring program so I think the MyRoad initiative really opens up a world of possibility for young girls to show them what career choices are available to them,” Emma said.

Are you interested in becoming a MyRoad mentor? Register now via the Beacon website: https://ebeacon.net.au/myroad

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