Room with a View

Room With A View

A Sneak Peek Into Sydney’s Coke HQ


I come through the door, throw off my jacket, and go straight to the fridge. Drink in hand, I watch the boats on Sydney Harbour, with the Bridge in the background, before picking up my iPad and heading to a meeting. It’s an unbeatable start to my work day.

Our Sydney office has such a great vibe because we’re keen to get one important thing right. The space you spend most days of the week in needs to be comfortable, bright, and creative. In short, it has to inspire, and reflect the personalities of, our staff.

Check out the video below for a glimpse of our awesome offices – one of the many things that make us a workplace of choice here in Sydney, and across the world.

Amy Stanley is manager of Pacific Group Talent & Development for Coca‑Cola South Pacific.

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