Sprite introduces new zesty innovation ‘Lemon+’; rolls-out ‘Heat Happens’ brand platform in Australia


Sydney, 05 September 2022 – Sprite invites Aussies to stay cool as it rolls-out ‘Heat Happens’, its new global brand platform. With the roll-out of the new brand platform, Sprite also reveals its latest product innovation, Sprite Lemon+, which will be launched in select markets, starting with Australia and Thailand.

Known for its cut through-refreshment, Sprite’s new global brand platform — ‘Heat Happens’ — takes a humorous but insightful approach to highlighting the importance of staying cool when faced with unavoidable ‘heated’ moments, by taking a step back and drinking a refreshing ice-cold Sprite.

“We are very excited to roll out the ‘Heat Happens’ platform here in Australia – a tropical region with a very dynamic environment,” said Kate Miller, Frontline Marketing Director, Australia. “The humorous approach of the ‘Heat Happens’ platform on many ‘heated’ challenges that people experience every day is a light-hearted reminder to keep our cool whatever the circumstance is, whether that be mental heat in the shape of unwanted interruptions or the physical heat of a sweaty commute.”

As well as the new brand platform, Australia will be one of the first countries globally to try the latest product innovation of the brand, Sprite Lemon+. The newest variant takes Sprite’s cut-through refreshment to the next level; adding caffeine plus the added ‘bite’ of zesty lemon flavour to help refresh the mind.

Miller shared, “Sprite Lemon+ will encourage people to ‘think zesty’ by refreshing their hazy and heated minds in mental overload moments throughout the day. It is like a ‘pep talk’ for your mind in a can- delivering a little kick of positivity, humour and invigorating mental motivation.”

Starting September, the launch campaign for Sprite Lemon+, under the ‘Heat Happens’ platform, will bring to life a new age marketing experience for consumers with engagement and trial at its heart, through sampling, social, digital, films, and OOH that will be placed strategically in contexts where people could be experiencing mental heat. The launch campaign communication elements will be focused around the product itself, as well as local content creators and influential personalities, delivering cheeky, zesty ‘pep talks’ to encourage trial of the new product, and keep people refreshed in moments of mental heat.

People in Australia can try Sprite Lemon+ in both regular and zero sugar options and they will be available in supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, and in select foodservice stores and e-commerce sites.

To learn the latest news about Sprite, please visit the official pages of Sprite on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or visit www.coca-colacompany.com/au/.

About Sprite Lemon+

Sprite Lemon+ is the latest product innovation of The Coca‑Cola Company for global beverage brand SPRITE™. Sprite Lemon+ in Australia is available in regular and zero sugar options; and contains 15mg/100ml of caffeine and the additional extra ‘bite’ of zesty lemon flavour.

To learn more about Sprite Lemon+, visit /content/onexp/au/en/au/brands/sprite.

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