Make It Yours What’s Your Summer Coca‑Cola Recipe?


How many ways can you enjoy a Coke? We asked, and mixologist Thiago Politi answered with some incredible Coca‑Cola recipes. Read on to find out how you can make it your way this summer.

Thiago has dedicated his life to serving. He’s been a bartender in the Brazilian city of São Paulo for the past 18 years. What does Thiago love most about the job? “It's the preparation of the cocktails, the movements, the execution and finishing,” he said.

“It’s satisfying to be able to provide people with small moments of happiness through cocktails,” Thiago said. “Bartending is about understanding what the client wants at that moment, and being able to satisfy them.”

For this year’s Coca‑Cola summer campaign we took his creative mixology skills and let him loose with a bottle of Coca‑Cola and his imagination.

Using his bar techniques and training, Thiago was challenged with creating new and innovative summer Coke recipes.

“Coke is one of the best known products in the world. It was a lot of responsibility,” Thiago said. “I studied taste combinations by contrast and similarity.”

“There was a lot of research time and a lot of tastings. It was fun, as a bartender job should be,” Thiago said.

Coke Al Fresco

Thiago’s favourite recipe? “It's Coke AI Fresco. I like how it looks, it has contrast in its colours and flavours, it's simple and refreshing,” he said.

Using tangerine juice and garnished with tangerine slices, Coke Al Fresco along with many of his other recipes takes advantage of seasonal and beautiful tropical flavours like mango, berries, kiwi fruit, passionfruit, watermelon. Thiago has embraced refreshing summer flavours to create a variety of delicious Coke concoctions no matter the occasion.

Summer Passion

Most of us will remember the joy of an ice-cream ‘spider’ or ‘float’ on a hot summer’s day. Thiago’s childhood featured the ‘Vaca-Preta’, which his mother used to make for him. It’s the Brazilian version, and inspired his Summer Passion recipe. It’s the one he recommends to have with the family, to create moments that will last a lifetime.

Café Coke

More inspiration came from Thiago’s daily life, and his experience in bars. Thiago’s recipe for the Café Coke came from his uncle, who used to offer him the combination of Coke and coffee so he could have a lot of energy to face double shifts at work.

Other recipes have been adapted from cocktails and some came up during the creation process.

“I think these recipes are suitable for every moment. You could have one served in a jar to be shared at the beach or by the pool, or with coffee or tea to start the day well and with ice cream to finish a dinner,” Thiago said.

This summer, how will you make Coca‑Cola yours?

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