Coca‑Cola in Australia: Our Story

Who We Are


From humble beginnings in a single Sydney factory, Coca‑Cola has been made and shared down under for more than 80 years.

Everything we do starts with our passion for what people want. We listen carefully, pay attention to how they live their lives, and learn what they care about most. We then turn that listening into irresistible drinks that make life’s everyday moments more enjoyable.

Coca‑Cola at a Glance

The evolution of Coca‑Cola from one famous drink to a total beverage company started in Australia in 1938. After years of sending products from the USA in shipping containers, Coca‑Cola decided to make a permanent home in Australia.

Australia’s tastes have changed over time and so has Coca‑Cola’s range of beverages. In 1983, Coca‑Cola introduced its first low sugar option in Diet Coke before introducing Coke No Sugar in 2017.

Because people everywhere want new drinks and experiences throughout their day, we’re investing in innovation and M&A to give people more of what they want. We know that consuming less sugar on a day to day basis has become a major goal for many Australians, and it’s something we want to help achieve.

Australia has also been able to boast world-first flavours, being the first market to try new products like Coke Ginger, Coke Coffee No Sugar and Coke Orange No Sugar.

Today, the Coca‑Cola system in Australia’s portfolio contains 165 drinks ranging across 25 brands.

By Australians, for Australians

When we grow our business the right way, not just the easy way, we help create opportunity for our communities, our customers, our associates, and our shareowners.

Coca‑Cola has a long employment history in Australia. In 2018, Coca‑Cola Australia and Coca‑Cola Amatil employ almost 4,000 employees directly, with another 10,000 employed through production and supply. We call this partnership the Coca‑Cola System.

At the heart of the Coca‑Cola System advantage is our world-class bottling partner and deep customer relationships, which put our drinks in more hands in more places than anyone else. Because of our size and scale, the Coca‑Cola System means we can make and distribute drinks farther and faster than anyone. From supply chains to delivery trucks to fridges, we know how to make sure our beverages are there when people want them.

Beyond just the people we employ, we also help create economic opportunity throughout the local economy. With every Australian job we create, up to four more are indirectly created across the country, contributing approximately $3.5 billion to the Australian economy every year.  

Doing business the right way

Profitability is important, but not at any cost. People matter. Our planet matters. We do business the right way by following our values and working toward solutions that benefit us all.

Whether donating money or our time, we take our responsibility to the community we call home seriously. Coca‑Cola Australia is determined to help make a difference through our water leadership, striving for a world without waste, and caring for our communities.

In 2016, we met our water leadership goal to balance the same amount of water we use to make our beverages, four years ahead of schedule. We continue to meet or exceed this goal each year through local projects like Project Catalyst that protects local water resources, alongside other global projects that reduce usage and provide safe, clean drinking water to communities in need.

We are striving for a world without waste by committing to make all our consumer packaging 100% recyclable globally by 2025, by helping to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030, and by bringing people together through programs like beach and river cleanups and other ongoing local activities.

Each year, the Coca‑Cola Australia Foundation cares for our communities by awarding more than 20 grants to the employees determined to make a difference. This year, some of the selected charities include OzHarvest, Learning Links and Cerebral Palsy Australia. Since 2002, the Coca‑Cola Australia Foundation has donated more than $13,000,000 to hundreds of organisations.

We particularly value the role women play in our businesses and society and we have made a global commitment to empower 5 million by 2020 through the 5by20 initiative. Locally, we have taken part in this initiative through the MyRoad online mentoring program, providing young girls with the support they need to achieve their dreams by connecting them with the successful women they aspire to be like.

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