Ta Duy Tung

Managing Director of Coca‑Cola Bangladesh

Ta Duy Tung is the Managing Director of Coca‑Cola Bangladesh and joined the organization back in 2021. Previously he worked as the Supply Chain Director of Coca‑Cola Beverages Vietnam, where his expertise in strategies and action plans broke a 25-year-old record in Coca‑Cola in the field of supply chain productivity. Tung is a surgeon by degree as he earned his first Bachelor of Surgeon degree from Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam before going to pursue a Bachelor of Business Management from Hanoi Polytechnic University. He also has a MBA degree from Banglore University India. 

Tung possesses strong expertise in general management, consumer centricity-market analysis, strong business insights and design thinking, and value stream management which helped him in developing capabilities in brand development, communication, and innovation management.