Coke Studio Bangla’s Eid release is a unique mashup of folk and rap

Coke Studio Bangla unveils Tahsan and Madhubanti's 'Dokhino Hawa'


Coke Studio Bangla's new track "Dokhino Hawa" is voiced by popular singer Tahsan Khan and Indian singer Madhubanti Bagchi

Coke Studio Bangla has listened to the yearnings of fans to hear Tahsan Khan's voice and dropped a new track voiced by him and Indian singer Madhubanti Bagchi.

Titled "Dokhino Hawa", the track combines musical maestro SD Burman's timeless masterpiece "Sono Go Dokhino Hawa" in Madhubanti's booming voice with Gosul Alam Shaon's new lyrics "Uttore Hawa," in Tahsan's magical tone.

Reflecting the intensity of first love, the song starts with Madhubanti's surreal voice blending with the celestial background vocals.

The classic lyrics of the original song were written by SD Burman's wife Meera Dev Burman.

The incessant beat throughout the song was infused with the magic of musical instruments. Tahsan made an entry like a gleaming star and instantly mesmerised the listeners with his tone. He had a brief part in the song, perhaps to let Madhubanti shine in her own light.

Curated and produced by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, "Dokhino Hawa" is the ninth song of Coke Studio Bangla