A Coca-Cola logo is pictured during an event in Paris, France, March 21, 2019/ Reuters

Coca‑Cola® Bangladesh launches new campaign to celebrate togetherness

New campaign encourages people to create moments of happiness that comes from pairing meals with a Coke


Coca‑Cola Bangladesh has unveiled a new campaign with the theme 'Chutirdine Shera Shaade' that accentuates the importance of celebrating daily moments of togetherness with friends and family members.

The integrated campaign includes a thematic communication on TV, an exciting contest on Radio and an engaging 'Friday Lunch Game' on the digital platforms of Coca‑Cola Bangladesh, says a press release.

Ajay Bathija, Managing Director of Coca‑Cola Bangladesh, said, "Food is an integral part to Coca‑Cola's DNA and plays an important role in the culture of Bangladesh. Coke with food is a perfect pairing and with this belief, we have launched a campaign that conveys the spirit of togetherness and celebrates enjoying meals together in a new way. We hope people participate in this campaign and create Coke-and-food rituals of emotion and connections across Bangladesh."

The campaign theme is based on the brand's motive to delight families by bringing them together over a weekend meal to celebrate the spirit of sharing happiness.

The thrilling quiz contest, 'Friday Lunch Game' on Coca‑Cola's digital platforms, requires participants to guess their friend's weekend meal. Winners and first-time Participants of the Friday Lunch Game will have Coca‑Cola delivered at their doorsteps.

To further keep consumers engaged with the meal sharing trend, Coca‑Cola also brings a month-long radio campaign 'Foorti Shaad e bhora Friday' for the consumers.

The campaign is about participating in a quiz and answering questions. Winners will be picked every week who stand a chance to win special Friday lunch along with a Coke.

Traditionally, Friday meals were always special as this is the one meal the entire family enjoys together at least once a week. However, to practice social distancing during the Covid-19 period, people are getting accustomed to staying at home, giving them the opportunity to spend more time over meals with their loved ones.

Through this campaign, Coca‑Cola intends to rekindle people's love for food, encouraging them to increase the frequency of having a great meal together with family amidst the unprecedented/new normal times.