Coke Studio Bangla releases new song ‘Bhinnotar Utshob’

Coke Studio Bangla releases new song ‘Bhinnotar Utshob’

Coke Studio Bangla has released its latest song ‘Bhinnotar Utshob’ sung by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, Sunidhi Nayak, Tashbiha Binte Shahid Mila, Zohad Reza Chowdhury, Pantho Kanai, Animes Roy, Rubayat Rehman and Jannatul Firdous Akbar on Friday night.


The song ‘Bhinnotar Utshob’ is written by KM Mehedi Hasan Ansari, Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, Divash Krishna Biswas and Ruslan Rehman. Shayan Chowdhury Arnob curated and produced the song. Also, he did the composition for the song along with the music composition and arrangements.

With this song, Coke Studio Bangla wanted to praise ways of settling differences by connecting in a more harmonious manner, accepting that each of us is unique in our own ways.

For them, it is the kind of co-existence that is seen at every other home where two supporters of competing teams can celebrate together under the same roof and share the joys and tears of the outcomes.

‘Bhinnotar Utshob’ has already garnered positive appreciation from the audience and received 482,166 views, 25k likes, 1.6k comments on Youtube till the filling of this report at 6:00pm on Saturday.

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob played keys and synths, Shuvendu Das Shuvo was on acoustic guitar, Imran Ahmed was on electric guitar, Faizan Rashid Ahmad (Buno) was on bass, Pantho Kanai was on drums, Mithun Chakra was on percussions, Rahin Haider was on tenor saxophone and flute, and Sayonton Mangsang played alto saxophone and flute.

Coke Studio Bangla began its journey with the song ‘Nasek Nasek’, a Hajong fusion song, on February 23 after that they dropped, ‘Prarthona’, ‘Bulbuli’, ‘Bhober Pagol’ and ‘Chiltey Roud’. All these songs got a massive response from the audience and triggered social media hype. Now Coke Studio Bangla is coming with a live concert at Army Stadium on June 9.