Ta Duy Tung

Ta Duy Tung, new managing director of Coca‑Cola® Bangladesh

Coca‑Cola Bangladesh has recently announced Ta Duy Tung as its new managing director, who will work closely with the company's bottling partners, customers and other external stakeholders in the country.


Tung has been with the Coca‑Cola system for 15 years, the leading beverage manufacturer said in a statement today.

Before moving to Dhaka, Tung was the executive director for market operations for Coca‑Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd.

In this role, he was part of the leadership team that transformed the company-owned bottling company into a world-class organisation and set it on a path to accelerated growth.

Tung joined the company in 2006 as regional trade marketing manager for North Vietnam.

He went on to serve in a series of operations and commercial roles.

Prior to joining Coca‑Cola, Tung was at Procter & Gamble, according to the statement.

"In recent years, Bangladesh has impressed the world with its remarkable gross domestic product growth story," said Tung.

"As Bangladesh celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence, the Coca‑Cola Company reiterates its focus on building a sustainable business in an important market like Bangladesh."

"I'm excited to partner with our bottling partners, International Beverages Private Limited (IBPL) and Abdul Monem Limited (AML) and other stakeholders to refresh our consumers in Bangladesh," he said.

Tung is a surgeon, as he earned his first Bachelor of Surgeon degree from Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam.

He later went on to pursue a Bachelor of Business Management from Hanoi Polytechnic University and went to India to achieve an MBA degree from Bangalore University.

Tung is a family man who is married to a lawyer and has two daughters. He is also a tennis player.

As per a recently released Socio-Economic Impact study, the Coca‑Cola system in Bangladesh contributed Tk 12.2 billion in value added impact in 2019.

Value added impact is the sum of all incomes to households, businesses, and the government in 2019 and this contribution equals to 0.11 per cent of Bangladesh GDP, which contributes to the continuous economic growth of the country.

The Coca‑Cola system also supports nearly 22,100 jobs, which consist of 833 direct jobs and 21,300 indirect jobs, representing 0.03 per cent of total employment in Bangladesh.

Coca‑Cola has been operating in Bangladesh over five decades.