World Without Waste

The Coca‑Cola Foundation funds Social Responsibility Asia (SR Asia) to strengthen waste management in Dhaka South City Corporation

The Coca‑Cola Foundation has provided support for SR Asia’s project titled “Integrated Management of Plastic Assortment and Contribution Towards Green Economy” (IMPACT-GE). The core objectives is to develop an efficient waste management system along with reducing local air, water and land pollution. The partnership is also focused on improving lives of individuals such as waste management workers through green jobs and inclusive economic growth.

IMPACT-GE will work to prevent waste crisis and establish efficient resource utilization. The initial duration of IMPACT-GE is 12 months and during the first 6 months of pilot duration, it will collect and recycle over 1800 tons of PET and impact the lives of 1.37 million people. Additionally, 300 waste collectors have already registered with SR Asia for IMPACT-GE with plans in place to increase the number of participants.