Water Stewardship

Two men in a blue row boat

Our first water goal was to become water-balanced by 2020. We exceeded that goal by giving back more water to nature and communities as we use in our products. We will keep going.

100% of water used by our operations is replenished

Created a replenishment potential equivalent to 124.5% of water used by our operations in 2018.

1.78 litres of water used to produce one litre of beverage

By adopting new technologies and optimizing processes, we are always looking for newer ways to reduce our water consumption.

11.7 billion litres of water replenishment potential created

Our bottling partners have created close to 300 water replenishment projects which are successfully nourishing communities with this vital resource.

Benefitted 8,00,000+ villagers across 600+ villages through Anandana

More than 200 structures have created 13 billion litres of replenishment potential.

We collaborate with NGO partners and local communities to create sustainable water solutions and improve water security where it is needed most.