What is Coca‑Cola doing to reduce water wastage?

Water is absolutely essential to our business: it’s the main ingredient in all our drinks, it’s used in our manufacturing and it’s vital to grow many of the ingredients we use. Without it we simply wouldn’t have a business. There are four main ways we look after it:

  • Protecting our local sources of water

  • Reducing the amount of water used in our manufacturing through water efficiency initiatives

  • Recycling water in our manufacturing processes and returning clean wastewater to the environment at a level that supports aquatic life.

  • Replenishing and protecting water sources in areas of water risk by working with local partners and charities like WWF

We’re always striving to do better every year and set ourselves stretching targets. In 2013 we used 1.26 litres of water for every one litre of drink produced in Great Britain. But we want to be a leader in water efficiency, with a target of 1.2 litres of water for every litre of product we make – that would make us the most efficient soft drinks manufacturer in the world.