Limca book of records

Limca® Book of Records

The Limca Book of Records (LBR) is an annual publication that documents world records held by Indians. With over 30 editions since 1987, it is India's first and longest continuously published book of records.

The LBR catalogues unique milestones and landmarks including, but not limited to, firsts, bests, mosts, inventions, discoveries, and honours and awards received, by Indians at home or abroad in all fields – both human and natural.

The LBR is owned by Coca‑Cola India Private Limited, which manufactures the Indian beverage Limca.

Since the inception of Limca Book of Records, the book has stood as a testimony to the stellar achievements of and accomplishments in human endeavour, structures, education, defense, government, science and technology, adventure, business, cinema, the natural world, literature, and the arts.

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